Memorial Stadium

Photos taken in 1990.


    The front of Memorial Stadium.
    Plaque on front of Memorial Stadium.  
    Behind Home Plate.  
    View towards Ellerslie Looking towards Ellerslie and Waverly Elementary.  
    Looking towards Section 34 Looking towards Section 34 and Ednor Road.  
    View of 36th Street Looking towards 36th Street.
    View to the east. View to the East. Lake Montebello on the Upper Left (scene of morning runs), 33rd Street to the right, Bell tower of Lutheran Church.
    City College, Eastern High View towards 33rd Street. City College in upper left, Eastern High School in front.
    Eastern High School Eastern High.
    Hazy view looking towards the Inner Harbor.
    Yolando Road Looking towards 36th Street, Yolando Road. Towson is north in the distance.
    Ednor Road Ednor Road. Veterans Hospital on upper left.
    Section 34 Section 34, Wild Bill Hagy's Venerable Place. The site of sooo many memories.
Last Updated: September 18, 2008


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